Looking for new team members?
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Looking for a new career?
Get connected with the right company.

Connecting top talent with growing cannabis & hemp companies.

Budding Talent grew out of a need for trustworthy and professional staffing & recruiting services in the cannabis industry. We are here to connect ‘budding talent’ with growing cannabis & hemp companies.

Our firm leads the way in talent acquisition, development, and retention strategies in the cannabis community. We place applicants in all verticals of the cannabis industry.

Whether you are looking for a job or a candidate, Budding Talent is here to help you reach the next step.

Employers need better candidates.

Hire the right person

Having a hard time finding qualified candidates? Finding team members that quickly add value is key to your business' success. We help employers hire the right person.

Our pool of pre-screened and qualified talent covers a wide range of skill sets inside and outside of the cannabis industry. From entry-level to executive-level positions, our team of recruitment professionals are ready to provide you with your ideal candidate and great service.

We have screened and pre-qualified over 20,000 candidates and our team is easy to work with.

Let’s work together to fill the gaps in your organization and keep your business growing.

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Job seekers need help on the job hunt.

Find the right job

Looking for a new career in the cannabis or hemp industries? The green rush is here and companies are looking for great talent. We help job seekers find the right job.

We have placed candidates with Fortune 500 companies and new cannabis start-ups. Our hiring process will help identify your wants and needs and lead you to a position you are excited about.

The perfect job is out there. Let's start your search today.

What makes us different?

Ted Rebholz, Temescal Wellness

"Derrick and Matt took the time to understand our needs and to work with our schedule. Because of their efforts, we found an excellent fit for a VP, Sales role. I highly recommend Budding Talent."

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