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Budding Talent Partners is in Denver, CO and our firm leads the way in talent acquisition. We represent the best cannabis employers and job-seekers across North America. Our firm leads the way in talent acquisition, development, and retention strategies in the cannabis community. BTP is the top recruiting firm for the cannabis industry, one that will double its workforce by 2020.

We work with cannabis companies in retail, cultivation, distribution, extraction and infused products, ancillary products, software and technology, and business solutions.

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Most of the positions filled in retail will be associated with dispensaries. Within that, we will work with management professionals, administrative associates, budtenders, security professionals, and with packaging and compliance.


The cannabis marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier that requires professionals to produce and cultivate the product at a rapid pace. We work with a variety of cultivation professionals in addition to security and sales.

Back Office

While companies continue to grow, the back office will serve as the backbone for success.  We work with professionals in the areas of HR, Accounting and Finance, IT, Administration, Sales & Support, and Executive Leadership.

Extraction & Infused Products

As the industry continues to label health and purity as top priorities, Manufacturers of Infused Products will need more chemists, chefs, extraction specialists, packaging and compliance professionals, as well as salespersons.

Supply Chain

Here you'll find professionals in manufacturing that are working in production, quality control, product marketing, packaging, and in operations. These professionals provide the backbone for the production of the product.

Ancillary Services

From staffing and payroll to software and legal services, and even test equipment, there is a wide range of ancillary services and products that also need attention. These are services that help fill the gaps in the industry.

What makes us different?

Rosie Brixius

"My experience working with Derrick Knudsen was great; it was very thorough and he listened to everything that I was looking for in my career. He was able to find an employer and position that was perfect for me and he was there to coach and support my efforts through the whole interview process. Best experience I’ve had with a recruiter."

Raj Ghuman

"Having worked with Matt directly I can attest as to how simple and quick he made the process of finding a new job. I was previously working at a financial institution and had difficulty for over 6 months looking for a new role. Once I had gotten in touch with Matt we discussed what I was looking for in addition to what my ideal position would be, within a week I had several interviews scheduled. I met with a Real Estate Finance firm and had a job offer shortly after meeting with the company. Ultimately I was placed into a role that I enjoy and am currently working at the same firm. In the end I wish I had met Matt sooner as he simplified the task of finding a new job and provided the guidance I needed."

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