Our expertise, and where we can support you.


Most of the positions filled in retail will be associated with dispensaries. Within that, we will work with management professionals, administrative associates, budtenders, security professionals, and with packaging and compliance.


The cannabis marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier that requires professionals to produce and cultivate the product at a rapid pace. We work with a variety of cultivation professionals in addition to security and sales.

Back Office

While companies continue to grow, the back office will serve as the backbone for success.  We work with professionals in the areas of HR, Accounting and Finance, IT, Administration, Sales & Support, and Executive Leadership.

Extraction & Infused Products

As the industry continues to label health and purity as top priorities, Manufacturers of Infused Products will need more chemists, chefs, extraction specialists, packaging and compliance professionals, as well as salespersons.

Supply Chain

Here you'll find professionals in manufacturing that are working in production, quality control, product marketing, packaging, and in operations. These professionals provide the backbone for the production of the product.

Ancillary Services

From staffing and payroll to software and legal services, and even test equipment, there is a wide range of ancillary services and products that also need attention. These are services that help fill the gaps in the industry.