The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law's political action committee has endorsed Representative Jared Polis's 2018 campaign for governor of Colorado. And NORML executive director Erik Altieri is psyched that Polis, a Democrat, is as enthusiastic about this backing as the venerable cannabis advocacy group is with regard to his candidacy.

"Typically, a large percentage of our endorsements are at the federal level, for the House or the Senate," acknowledges Altieri, speaking from Aspen, where NORML is holding its annual legal seminar. "I believe we've only endorsed a handful of other gubernatorial candidates — and certainly no candidate I can think of has embraced that endorsement to the degree that Jared Polis has."

Indeed, the Polis campaign has shared news of NORML's blessings on Facebook and Twitter several times. One Polis tweet reads: "Honored to have the endorsement of @NORML! I'm proud to be the only #COGov candidate who supported the legalization of recreational #marijuana, and I will continue to be an unwavering champion for our thriving #cannabis industry!"

In addition, Altieri notes, Polis "has been putting information about the endorsement in email communication to his supporters, and he's shown up at a number of NORML marijuana-related events to really let people in Colorado who care about this issue know he's with them."


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